You may choose to put your jewelry in storage for different reasons. Maybe you don’t go out very often, maybe the jewelry is seasonal, or maybe it’s based on their value. The fact is, how you store your jewelry and where your store your jewelry is very dependent on the jewelry type. Some of the things you will have to consider will include metal type, storage containers, storage location, the temperature of the room, frequency of use, and cleaning opportunities.

Here are 7 tips to help with keeping your jewelry clean and maintaining its radiance during storage.

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1. Jewelry Separation

This is probably the most obvious tip, yet it may also be the most common mistake people make when storing their jewelry. Before you even consider where and how you are going to store it, you should consider the material the jewelry is made of. Different metals require different storage plans, which is why throwing all your jewelry in one box is never a good idea, unless of course you have absolutely no diversity in your jewelry box and they are all the same material type.

The first simple step is to separate them by metal type. In other words, separate your silver jewelry, your gold jewelry, your stainless steel items, and also your fashion or costume jewelry. You can also choose to separate them even further based on value and frequency of wear. Value in this context mostly refers to monetary value, but sentiments can also play a part in your separation process as we go through the other steps. 

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2. Jewelry Style Types

You may not necessarily need to make this assessment, but it could come in handy especially if you are traveling or moving. Some types of jewelry are stored better in specific tailormade containers. For instance, a felt-lined ring box would be perfect to house rings for storage or traveling. You wouldn’t even need to separate the metal type, just ensure there is enough space between each ring in the ring mounds. These containers allow the rings to stand upright, wedged between two mounds of felt.

This limits their movements and chances of them rubbing on each other, which could cause scratching or tarnishing. This can also be true for necklaces, especially small linked chains, long chains, or chains with multiple pendants. Specific chain boxes allow them to hang separately, thus minimizing entanglement and dust collection. This allows them to maintain their cleanliness and shine for longer periods. 

3. Individual Storage Containers

Depending on the amount of jewelry you have and the number of metal types, you can opt to get a separate storage container for each set. However, each storage container should be lined with soft, dry, breathable fabric. This will help to reduce grime, dullness, and corrosion. If you have a lot of jewelry, or numerous jewelry types, finding a separate storage box for each set may prove to be tedious and can be cumbersome in storage. Too may containers may lead to space issues.

Another option would be to get one large storage box, but get individual jewelry bags for each set. This way, all the jewelry can be in one major container, but still be separated as per tip 1. Please note however, that these jewelry bags should be made from- or lined with felt or another tarnish-proof material. 

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4. Clean Before You Store

This tip goes without saying, but a proper clean and polish will not only help to maintain the luster of your jewelry, but will also help to deter dust and grime from making a home on them. You should clean all jewelry that will be stored. Storing cleaned jewelry with dirty jewelry will only lead to a container filled with dirty jewelry when they come out of storage. It won’t be dirty in the sense that you can see dirt stuck in their crevices, or maybe you might, but they would at least start to tarnish and not look as vibrant as they once were. They can be cleaned with warm, mild, soapy water and a soft toothbrush for the little nooks and crannies. Once cleaned, they should be dried completely with a soft cloth or allowed to air dry then buffed with a soft cloth.

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5. Storage Location

Where you store your jewelry will play a part in how clean it looks when it is taken out of storage. Try to avoid open areas that are prone to dust. Even the tightest locked jewelry box will allow dust to eventually pass through its seams, so a low dust area is best. You may be tempted to put your jewelry in plastic bags to minimize dust particles, but this can be tricky as it may create humidity and moisture. You would have to ensure that the jewelry are first placed in a felt-lined container that can maintain its aridity before being placed into the plastic. This will prevent moisture from getting to the jewelry even if the bag starts to sweat.

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6. Temperature

Another consideration that may not have crossed your mind is temperature. High temperature leads to sweating and moisture on certain materials, which can lead to dullness and a build-up of grime on your jewelry. Avoid storing your jewelry in areas where it may be in the path of direct sunlight or a heating vent. This is important especially if long term storage is being considered. Therefore, your attic and your basement may not be your best bet. However, if any of those rooms happen to be temperature regulated, then it could be a viable option. 

7. Length of Storage

Deciding how long to store your jewelry may not be within your control, but the aim is to get at the jewelry at set intervals just to give them a good buffing to maintain their luster. Also, the prospective length of storage can help in determining which container storage option would be best for your jewelry type. For instance, if your jewelry is not going to be in storage for very long, you can be a little more flexible with where and how you store them. This means that you may have more frequent opportunities to take them out and buff them between deep cleans, which will help them to remain cleaner for a longer period.

However, if your jewelry is only worn at specific times like costume jewelry you wear at Halloween or fine jewelry that you only wear to weddings and fancy dinners, you can consider a more long-term storage option. This could be a vault for your fine valuables or a storage container in your closet for your costume jewelry.

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