For centuries, people have kept treasures and valuables in safe deposit boxes for safekeeping. Banks and other secure facilities provide space where people can store items they don’t need on a daily basis. Being in a safe deposit box doesn’t mean what’s in there is inaccessible. Clients with safe deposit boxes can arrange to open their boxes in private so they can deposit or remove items as they wish.

When most people think of safe deposit boxes, they think of fancy banks where wealthy people store diamonds, jewelry and family heirlooms. However, these days, digital files are some of the most valuable goods in the world. A string of code for a software program can be worth billions of dollars. Likewise, many professionals keep their designs, portfolios, algorithms and other intellectual property that carries great value as digital files on hard drives. Even families store hard drives in safe deposit boxes to protect family photos, financial records, wills, and other critical information.

People are taking advantage of safe deposit boxes for good reason. The loss of important digital files that contain priceless or intellectual property can be devastating. The added protection of a secure storage facility helps people feel confident that no one will be able to view or take data without proper authorization. Here’s a breakdown of some of the key benefits of storing hard drives in safe deposit boxes.

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Some Files Are Too Important to Back Up

Advances in cloud technology have allowed companies to adapt and expand. They’re able to leverage a cloud provider’s resources to back up information and scale to meet customer needs without having to spend a ton of money on technology infrastructure themselves. On a simpler scale, the cloud lets people store information without having to keep them on their physical device. One of the best things about storing files in the cloud is that information can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

However, some things are too valuable to store in the cloud. Generally, cloud providers guarantee security, but people typically don’t want to risk handing over what they consider to be priceless information. Even tech companies that operate largely in the cloud don’t migrate what they call the “Crown Jewels” of the company into data centers. They keep the most valuable information like patents, copyrights, source code, and other items in locked down safe deposit boxes under tight control. Even consumer product companies safeguard secrets like product recipes or prototypes with physical security measures.

Safe deposit boxes provide the perfect solution for individuals and organizations who have information they consider critical or confidential. They measure the potential loss of losing the data or having it stolen and decide it’s worth the cost of an added layer of security around their property.

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Safe Deposit Boxes Offer Security for Professionals

Professionals who rely on the use of hard drives commonly turn to safe deposit boxes for storage. Imagine a musician who creates beats or melodies for future use in songs by other artists. Producers and others in the music industry could suffer enormous financial and reputational cost if their music was picked up and stolen by someone else because it was laying around unsecure. Graphic designers use safe deposit boxes for hard drives full of sketches, rough design drafts and unreleased client designs that require discretion. Software developers love safe deposit boxes because coding and creating digital goods usually happens in stages. Video games and other software require massive amounts of code that can take years to complete. Work is often done in phases, and when one stage is complete developers prefer keeping dormant hard drives in safe deposit boxes to prevent leaks or theft.

Burglary is another reason professionals should consider safe deposit boxes. It’s important to remember that professionals frequently work with partners and hire employees who work with them in close proximity. A bad actor with any brains will be able to identify valuable assets that can be targeted when the owner is distracted or too relaxed. Safe deposit boxes help separate burglars from high value items they’re after.

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High Security in a Controlled Environment

Digital files on hard drives require specific care. Even though they’ve come a long way and are much more resilient, it doesn’t take a lot to ruin one. A lot of hard drives are heat sensitive. They also can be ruined if they’re jostled around too much or something happens when they’re connected to a computer. Safe deposit boxes offer a great solution for hard drive storage. They’re often temperature controlled, and the structure of the box makes it impossible for it to be thrown around. Safe deposit box facilities are also usually in structurally sound buildings that can withstand natural disasters better than a house or office building. With data protected in a safe deposit box, there’s lower risk of loss in the event of a flood, hurricane, earthquake, fire or some other disaster.

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Safe Deposits are Accessible and Affordable

A lot of professionals who crave security for their hard drives don’t have the resources of a large company. It doesn’t make sense for them to move their files into a private cloud that will be expensive to operate. One of the best benefits of keeping hard drives in safe deposit boxes is they are affordable. Most deposit boxes can be leased for a small monthly or annual fee. The low cost makes them accessible to anyone who needs somewhere safe to put their belongings. The prevalence of secure facilities means a safe deposit box can likely be found in close proximity if necessary. Depending on individual preference, valuables stored on a hard drive can be kept near or far.

Keeping hard drives in a safe deposit box protects digital goods from harm or theft. They’re easy to find and straightforward enough for anyone to use. Don’t take the security of your information for granted. Take advantage of the effective risk management safe deposit boxes offer.

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Safe Deposit Center | 12000 NE 8th Street Ste 100 Bellevue, Washington 98005 United States

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